Portrait mode for All Xiaomi user, full explanation, miui.am/miuipro/miui.ms/multirom and custom roms


Hi Guys..
This is Mk ViRus.

Today I’m going to give you Info.about how can we use portrait mode in any Xiaomi device.

All possible method for enable HAL3/API in your device with root and without root.

Read full article and choose your best way for enable API in your device

Notice :-
Need to unlock bootloader first.
I’m not responsible for any damages in your device.

Method 1. Without root

1. Go in phone settings – about

2. Tap 5, 6 time on Miui version, you will get popup sms on screen – you are now a developer !

3. After popup info. will disappear, go in additional setting
4. Open developer setting and find there OME Unlock and SUB debugging

5. Now enable both options
6. Back on pc and install adb minimal

Link :- ADB Minimal Driver.
7. After install adb, open it.
8. Connect your device with pc via data cable
9. Use some easy commands


1) adb devices

(After enter this command you will receive popup info.on Mi home screen then click on allow/ok button)

Now successfully your device is connected with pc
✓ now switch off your device by using power button and open twrp manually
(Don’t disconnect your data cable)

2) adb devices

3) adb shell

4) setprop persist.camera.HAL3.enabled 1

5) setprop persist.camera.eis.enable 1

6) exit

Now long press on power button for normal boot.

10. After boot your device, Install Google camera
Link :-
Google camera 1
Google camera 2

Download both

Here is video for better understanding about Portrait mode.

Method 1 complete.

Method 2. Root user

1. Download ES file manager/explorer
Link – Es file manager/Explorer

2. Give root permission


3. Now browser folder – SYSTAM

4. Select buildpro

5. Copy and past another folder for back-up purpose

6. Now find (persist.camera.HAL3.enabled=0) in buildpro

7. If you see this (persist.camera.HAL3.enabled=0) line then edit (persist.camera.HAL3.enabled=1) it
8. If this (persist.camera.HAL3.enabled=0) line is not available then write himself in buildprop

9. Now click on save button then reboot your device
10. after boot your device, download Google camera
Link :-
Google camera 1
Google camera 2

Download both

Some Images



All done enjoy your portrait mode



1. May i use it for my Redmi 4X/4/4A/5A/Y1/Y1 Lite/3S/2/Note 3/4/5a/5Plus/5 etc ?

Ans. Yes you can.

2. After API Enable We can face any Issues in our devices ?

Ans. there will be fine,

about camera like MIUI will not work in some device like 5A, 4X

3. Can I Disable it ? (API)

Ans. yes you can.

4. Is that important RedWolf for this method in our Device?

Ans. No, you can use any twrp.



Use mega/mega Downloader for Download these files
Mega Downloader


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